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EcoAquarium Frogs – Now you can get your own!

For several years now, we have sold the EcoAquarium Dwarf African Aquatic Frogs in our store. They are delightful to watch and easy to maintain since they need to be fed only twice a week and have their tank cleaned twice a year.



Frogs are back!

We carried them last year for Spring and Summer so we brought them back for this year’s warm season. Its the EcoAquarium frogs!

EcoAquarium Frogs!

Sadly, these are sold in-store only. Shipping them is too much trouble. But for those of you local to the store you can come in and get your own little aquarium with frogs!

These are very low maintenance pets.  In fact we think the only pet that requires less maintenance are the Ecospheres. The frogs need feeding only twice a week, and their tanks only need to be cleaned twice a year! You can’t beat that!

The frogs are African Aquatic Dwarf Frogs, a species that prefers to remain underwater inhabiting a very small area. As a result the frogs are very comfortable in the small EcoAquariums. They live 2-3 years if cared for, and care is very easy.

You can’t take the frogs out to play with them – they are too fragile. But while they might lounge around a lot they do cavort and swim around.

The trick to the EcoAquarium is the living gravel that comes on the bottom. If helps to ‘scrub’ the tank of waste products. The colorful gravel on top gives it a nice look and the high-protein/low waste food you feed them helps keep the tank clean. The EcoAquarium should be kept in indirect light – direct sunlight should be avoided as it encourages algae growth.

Frogs are in stock in the store. You can also pick up a food pack (1 years supply),  a total care pack (includes food and gear for making water changes) as well as a decorative base. Come on down and get some frogs if you can!