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8/23/11 Virginia Earthquake Propogates Across the Country

This video is courtesy of the Bad Astronomer

Watch as the seismic waves make their way across the USA. Red denotes upward motion, Blue is down.


Rumble on the East Coast

OK. So we interrupt today’s blog post to tell you about a (realitvely) rare 5.9 Earthquake centered in Virginia.

We felt this guy in Philadelphia, as our building shook for a few seconds and the top floors made some odd squeaking sounds (or store is in a fairly old building).  Fortunately no damage was reported in the immediate area.  Now while some folks on the West part of this country may scoff at Earthquakes, even a 5.9 can get their attention.

In any case things seem to be back to normal around here, but there may have been some damage locally around the epicenter.