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New Boogie Boards & Play n Trace

Boogie Boards are a fun item where you draw on a flat surface, then press a button that erased the screen. We sold lots of them and while they were aweseom there were a few minor shortcomings: They were a bit thick, not as bright as they could be, and to stand them up you had to lean them on something, it was also very hard to replace the battery if you needed to, but since they would last around 20,000-50,000 erasings this didn’t really come up much.

Now Kent Displays has come up with an improved model – along with a new version for younger kids. First the new model : Meet the Boogie Board Jot 8.5″:



SuperBalls and Doodletops

We’ve added a couple of nifty products to our line. The first has been a classic since the late 60’s but is still a popular item to this day. We speak of course, of the SuperBall


The Superball is famous for being about as close to 100% energy return when you bounce it as you can get (nothing is truly 100% energy efficient).  When you bounce the Superball, it returns almost as high as the point from which you dropped it. This means when you throw it it will bounce around like crazy, taking a long time to lose energy and slow down compared to other rubber balls. Many imitation ‘superballs’ are around, but this is the original, made by Wham-O and made of Zectron. It is also larger than most ‘superballs’, being almost 1-1/2″ across.

The Superball is also credited for naming the famous title game of the NFL, the SuperBowl. A story they proudly print on the Superball’s packaging.

The next toy in house is the Doodletop


The concept behind the Doodletop is simple – put a pen at the tip point of a spinning top and let it draw! The pen is replaceable, and unlike some early versions the Doodletop actually works! Drawing paper is, of course, not included.

Happy bouncing and happy drawing!


Chalk City Road Maker and Stencils!

We’ve got a great new product for the Summer! Its Chalk City’s Road Maker and their Road Sign Stencils and Obstacle Course Stencils

We’ll start first with the Road Maker, it is a simple concept but with a little imagination (and maybe a tricycle) you can make all kinds of neat ‘roads’ and paths to follow!

Road Maker

Chalk City Road Maker

The road maker is great for laying our your paths, and you can even make city layouts. But what is a city without some sort of driving signs? That is what the Road Sign Stencil Set is for:

Road Sign Stecnils

Road Sign Chalk Stencils

Stop, Turn Left, Turn Right (The turn sign is reversible) and go straight. These stencils are large (11″ across) and are very durable so they can put up with the wear and tear of children’s outdoor play. Kids can now ride their bikes, trikes, skateboards, and more in pathways they create!

If you prefer a bit more of an obstacle course then there is the Obstacle Stencil Set as well!

Obstacle Stencil Set

Chalk City Obstacle Stencil Set

As large and as durable as the Road Sign Stencils,  but these are designed for kids on foot following a track. Stencils have the kids hop (on left, right or both feet) do  ten jumping jacks, or spin around five times (left or right).

Chalk City and Spectrum Scientifics provide the tools, kids provide the imagination to make all kinds of fun obstacle courses. Meanwhile, to see these in action enjoy this video!