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New Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrers – Analog & Digital

There’s a couple of new players in the almost-obligatory-in-labs Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrer combo unit. The new United Scientific Analog and Digital Models.

First up the Analog unit:

This hot plate/stirrer unit has a stainless steel plate with double PT sensors. Control is by two dials, one for heat and one for stirring. It can spin a stir bar from 50 to 1700 rpm and has a maximum temperature of 350 degrees C.

The digital hot plate/stirrer has even more features:

This hot plate/stirrer has a scratchproof chemically resistant coated ceramic plate. It has 1-dial control for temperature, time and speed.  Each of these has its own LED readout. The unit can spin from 50 to 1500 rpm and can heat up to 350 degrees Celsius.  The unit also features a pole with mounted temperature probe so accurate readings can be taken and the unit can shut off before a set temperature is exceeded. This feature frees up lab workers to do other things as they need not constantly monitor the temperature of the liquid. The pole system also allows the temperature to be read during vigorous stirring.
Both stirrers are ready for sale and will ship straight to your home or office.

Link to: Analog Hot Plate/Magnetic Stirrer ($279)

Link to: Digital Hot Plate/Magnetic Stirrer ($449)