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New Toy: The Energy Stick!

Now, we’ve had a toy like this before. In fact the UFO Ball does a lot of what this new Energy Stick does – work at making a human circuit! The difference is that the Energy Stick does it a lot more dramatically.

The idea is simple. You have an object – in this case a stick, and it has two contact points. When you touch one contact point nothing happens because you have not yet completed the circuit. But touch both of the contact points and the electricity can flow! The electricity in this case is a very low-voltage, high-frequency current that travels over human skin and not through it – so there is no danger. Completing the circuit takes place with a light and sounds show – the current being enough to light up a few LEDS and make a sound disc play.

Now the cool part is that you don’t have to do it on your own! If you touch one of the contact points and have a friend touch the other, and the touch each others other hand -the circuit is completed and the lights light up and the sound plays! You can even add more people by putting them between you and grabbing the hands that you aren’t using to touch the contact points! The circuit will still be complete and the light and sound show kicks in!

The Energy Stick is an excellent way to teach electrical circuits and how they stop working when the circuit is broken. The hands-on nature of this toy makes it an experience for students to remember. It should be part of any science  curriculum that involves current electricity.