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Mars Rover Curiosity Paper Model!

So you want a little bit of the Mars Rover of your own? Don’t want to wait for LEGO to make a version? Well there has been a decent sized 1:20 paper model that has been available since last December thanks to the nice folks at paper-replika.com:

Mars Rover Curiosity

It looks really cool to us.

The Model is 3 pages, and should probably be done on heavier stock paper. There are a few hoops you need to go through to get to the model instructions (agreeing to their terms and a password) but we think it is worth it, especially since it is FREE!


Mars Science Laboratory AKA Curiosity – The Landing

As of this writing, the Mars Science Laboratory is scheduled to make landfall in less than 19 days (clock countdown here).¬† The Mars Science Laboratory, nicknamed Curiosity, is one of the biggest rovers to go to Mars, measuring at 10 feet long (often compared to a Mini-Cooper in size). Only the Viking Lander was comparable in size and that didn’t move or do anywhere near as much as Curiosity will.

Since Curiosity is a bit of a bear, it is going to be delivered in what we consider to be the coolest method of landing a roving Mars vehicle ever:


Look like fun? The lander will need to go from 13,000 mph to zero in under 7 minutes. Sound like real fun? Well if youhave an XBOX360 and XBOX account you can actually play a Curiosity¬† landing game designed by NASA. It is free, just look up “Mars Rover Landing” on XBOX live. It even works with the Kinect.

Curiosity is full of equipment,that mast has a camera that covers a large portion of the spectrum, so it can see in Infrared and Ultraviolet. The camera has several filters and modes to get the best imaging. Curiosity also carries a Spectrometer, Robot Arms (with cameras), Sample analysis equipment, and much more.

Curiosity is scheduled to land on August 5th or 6th depending on your position on the planet.