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ScienceWiz Kits – Now at Spectrum Scientifics

ScienceWiz has had a long tradition of making excellent science kits for kids. All of these kits were designed and authored by Penny Norman, PHD. We’ve been meaning to add parts of this line for some time and now it is in stock!

First up is Electricity:

This kit inlcudes a well-written full-color book plus the parts you need to do 18 different activities like lighting lights, buzzing buzzers, and spinning motors.

Next up is the excellent ScienceWiz Chemistry Kit

This kit stands out not only due to its excellent design, but also because it is good for kids age 5-10. Most chemistry kits have a much higher minimum age.

That said, there is the ScienceWiz Chemistry Plus Kit for older kids (8+)

Awesome experiments like popping hydrogen and flame color tests make this kit stand out!

Also popular in this series (that we have available) is the Energy Kit:

Which involves solar racers, chain reactions, and much more!

Finally we have the very well received ScienceWiz Inventions Kit

Rather that discuss the kit we will simply quote what was said about it by the Women’s Society of the IEEE after using it for camp programs for elementary school students. The IEEE’s review boasted, “The projects actually WORK….even for large groups where individualized attention is not possible.”

These kits are great for kids wanting to get a grasp on a particular subject!