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Hurry Scurry Mouse!

This little (2-1/2″) Hurry Scurry MouseĀ skitters around in every direction!

Hurry Scurry Mouse


The technology might be familiar. The Hurry Scurry Mouse is based on those vibrating robots that were popular homemade items. People would take the motor that vibrates a cell phone and attach it to something like the bristle end of a toothbrush. Soon these robots were available all over and this little guy works very much the sameĀ  way!

There are a couple of differences, however, for one thing the Hurry Scurry Mouse has the cover that makes it look like a gray mouse, the other is that it has a six legs that can be adjusted to make it travel in different directions! Here is the instructional diagram from the back of the Hurry Scurry Mouse’s packaging:

Hurry Scurry Mouse adjustment instructions!

From these simple adjustments you can make the Hurry Scurry Mouse go the direction you want!




The Hurry Scurry Mouse runs on an AG13 battery and that battery is included. All of this mousey fun is less than $5!