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Shake it up! The BenchMark 12L Shaking Water Bath

We have Water Baths, and we have Laboratory Shakers but there are actually many times in Chemistry and BioChemistry where you actually need to have both: The temperature control heating of a water bath combined with the shaking of a Lab Shake. Since it is considered a bad idea to put electrical equipment into water a solution is needed. Hence why BenchMark has developed the SB-12L Shaking Water Bath


The SB-12L does double duty as a water bath as well as a laboratory shaker. It can operate at temperatures from Ambient+5°C up to 80°C. The accuracy is +/- 0.3°C and is set in 0.1°C increments. The shaker portion has an orbit of 25mm and speed range of 30-200 rpm in single increments. The unit is compact, with just 12″ x 13.5″ x 12″. The interior chamber is stainless steel and measures 5.3 x 9.4 x 5.5 in. The timer can have the Shaking Water Bath run from 1 minute up to 48 hours, or operate on a continuous operation. Like all electrical BenchMark lab equipment, the device can run on 115V or 230V, be sure to request the proper plug for your country if ordering for out of the USA.

Bottles, tubes and flasks can be inserted individually and the SB12L holds 12 50ml flasks, 8x125ml flasks, 3x250ml flasks, or 2x500ml flasks or 1 1000ml flask. Some larger flasks may not fit in the water bath. The SB-12L holds an equal or greater number of bottles or tubes. A Universal spring platform is included for holding 15ml and 50ml tubes which the SB-12L can hold 63 or 15/30 respectively.


Optional tube racks for holding 1.5/2.0ml microtubes or 0.5ml microtubes are available.

The SB-12L has a hinged, removable lid to reduce splashing, save energy and divert condensation. When removed the SB-12L can handle taller flasks and bottles.

Compact, efficient and with an excellent price, the BenchMark SB-12L is a great instrument for your lab.  Right now we are offering FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. Customers in AK, HI and PR please contact us for affordable shipping methods.

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The New BenchMark Incu-Shaker 10LR – Heating and Cooling!

We’ve carried the BenchMark Incu-Shaker 10L since it was introduced. It has been a powerful combination of a laboratory shaker combined with an incubator. It shakes flasks 30 to 300 rpm with a 19mm orbit. Flasks can be held by using a devoted flask system or with the magnetic MAGic Clamp system that uses individual flask holders with magnetic bases to keep them in place during the shaking process. Overall the system is one of the most versatile Shaker/Incubator systems on the market:


There has been an addition to the family, however, as BenchMark has now introduced the BenchMark Incu-Shaker 10LR, this new system has one new advantage: it not only can heat, but it can cool as well!

Both the 10L and the 10LR can heat up to 60 degrees Celsius, but the 10LR also has a cooling system that allows to to lower temperatures up to 15 degrees below the ambient room temperature. This increases the versatility of the Incu-Shaker with minimal change in the profile.  It is one of the most affordable systems on the market!

There is a cost, however, and that is weigh. The Incu-Shaker 10L already weighs in at 120 lbs. and the additional weight of the refrigeration system brings the 10LR up to 170 lbs. This is why when ordering an Incu-Shaker we suggest contact us for a LTL freight quote as UPS or FEDEX shipping costs can get fairly large.

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BenchMark myBlock Digital Dry Baths

BenchMark Scientific has been in the market with digital dry baths for a while with their excellent, if unnamed, Digital Dry Baths.


This series was excellent and affordable, but that didn’t mean it could not be improved upon. So BenchMark has come up with the myBlock Digital Dry Baths.


The myBlock comes in single chamber or double chamber (shown). The base version comes with no blocks so you can purchase optional bath blocks, but there are versions where you can buy them with the excellent QuickFlip Universal Block (more on that below) in single chamber or double chamber (Which comes with 2 blocks).

The myBlock has several improvements over the original Digital Dry Bath: It has a removable hinged lid for better uniformity and minimize temperature stratification in the block by maintaining a warm air jacket layer. It also helps to reduce energy consumption by minimizing heat loss to the environment.. They are the first digital dry baths to include advanced microprocessor controls, timed or continuous operation. It has an optional external temperature probe. They also can employ the previously mentioned QUickFlip Block:


This universal block can hold a wide variety of containers: 0.5ml tubes, 1.5ml tubes, 2.0 ml tubes, 0.2ml tubes, 0.2ml strips and PCR plates.  This gives the Quickflip a much greater versatility over traditional bath blocks.

BenchMark once again demonstrates their ability to innovate lab equipment and bring it to us at an affordable price:

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BenchMark Scientific’s New MyTemp Incubator and Incubator/Cooler

BenchMark Scientific continues to produce innovative new products for the lab. Their latest items are the MyTemp Mini-Incubator and the MyTemp Mini incubator/Cooler.

Both of  these mini-incubators offer Digital quality and analog pricing. You have the control of the temperature to the degree with the ease of an analog control. The device can also work on a timer so that it can heat up (or cool down with the cooling version) immediately and maintain the temperature for a set period of time.

The footprint of the MyTemp (either version) is a mere 14.5″ x 13″ making it an excellent tool for cramped labs. Despite this is it is able to handle flasks up to 2 liter, and a nutating rocker is available that fits in it (see below) It comes standard with a US 115V, 60Hz plug but a 230V, 50 Hz version is available.  Both versions can reach 62 degrees C, and the cooling version can go to 15 degrees cooler than ambient temperature, down to a minimum of 7 degrees C.

There is more! BenchMark also has a mini nutating lab rocker that fits inside the MyTemp! It is small enough to fit in the MyTemp’s interior – has a 8″x 6″ rocking platform that rotates at a 20 degree angle and a fixed 24 rpm. It is perfect for the BenchMark MyTemp but works well with any incubator. It even has a flat cord so that the incubator door can seal better.

It fits!

Extra shelves are also available for those who want to maximize their surface area in the MyTemp.

The MyTemp heater can be purchased from Spectrum Scientifics. The link for the Heating only version is here, and the Heating/Cooling version is here.

BenchMark Scientific’s New Orbi-Shaker XL

Orbital Shakers are nothing new to our product line. We already have Benchmark’s Orbi-Shaker, Orbi-Shaker Jr, Orbi-Shaker C02 and the Incu-Shaker 10L Shaking Incubator & Incu-Shaker Mini. All of these are excellent instruments for the the lab, especially when combined with the versatility of the MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp systems.
BenchMark has now added a much larger unit to this line – as big as the Incu-Shaker 10L but with just the shaking ability (and so more affordable). The Orbi-Shaker XL

The Orbi-Shaker XL  is just $2495.00 -making it much lower priced that competitors’ models. It has a huge 18″ x18″ platform and shakes in a 3/4″ (19mm) orbit from 30 to 300 rpm. Items can be placed on the surface directly, or can use the MAGic Clamp system designed for it. Also available are dedicated Microplate platforms and other surfaces.

The BenchMark Orbi-Shaker XL is available from Spectrum Scientifics at this link: http://www.spectrum-scientifics.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=4109


BenchMark BenchMixer XL Mutli-Tube Vortexer

Vortexers are an excellent piece of lab equipment that allow vigorous mixing of compounds in tubes. The idea is simple, a rapidly rotating head which you hold the tube against to shake it properly. Let’s see the video:

As you can see, the shaking with the Vortexer actually results in a proper voretexing (in other words, the liquid looks like a little tornado).

However, you can see the problem: The little vortexer can only do one tube at a time and you have to hold it in place! That’s fine, but what about when you need some serious volume to voretex, or want to use a Volumetric flask instead of tubes?

The answer is to use a Multi-Tube Vortexer. But now there is a new, hig-quality model on the market at a low price: The BenchMark XL Multi-Tube Vortexer

The BenchMixer XL facilitates hands-free mixing in tubes, flasks, or cylinders. With a speed range from 500-2500 rpm and able to perform unattended for up to 100 hours this is perfect for jobs where mixing needs are great.

The BenchMixer XL has a large series of Tube Racks and flask racks available:

The racks can handle 0.5ml tubes, 2.0ml tubes, cylinders from 12 to 25mm, microplates, and 50, 100, and 250ml Volumetric Flasks.

The BenchMixer XL comes with a 2 year limited warranty and can be set to run on US or European current.  It is an ideal choice for a medium to high throughput laboratory.




Cell Smashing Time! Or, the new Benchmark BeadBug Microtube Homogenizer

Its not talked about a whole lot, but occasionally in Biology you need to smash things. Whether it is to break up cell structure (mechanical Lysis), or homogenize a material (make it the same all around) sometimes tissues need to be ground down and cell walls pounded out.  In the past, mortar & pestle were used – and in some places still are. Tissue grinders are also popular for this performing this process by hand. But hand-work is tiring and not always as effective as automechanical methods. There are larger, hideously expensive instruments that can also perform this process, but until recently there has not been a small-lab, affordable benchtop homogenizer. Once again, Benchmark Scientific sets a new standard – Meet the new BeadBug MicroTube Homogenizer:

The BeadBug can homogenize 1,2 or 3 2ml microtubes at a time and can break down the materials in an average of 45 seconds.  2ml Microtubes prefilled with glass, stainless steel, or High-Impact Zirconium beads are purchased as accessories. These beads, in concert with the BeadBug rotating at 2800 to 4000 rpm, are enough to reduced even the toughest cell cultures to a homogenized state! Best of all the unit measures just 7″ x 8″, so it takes up minimal space in your lab!

As mentioned, the optional accessories for the BeadBug are pre-filled tubes for homogenization. Glass, Zirconium, and Stainless Steel beads in a variety of sizes are available in packs of 50 tubes, or a starter pack with 10 tubes of all five sizes of Zirconium beads can also be purchased: