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Air Swimmers!

We have been waiting a long time for these – thankfully they have arrived just in time for the holiday season! Supplies are limited for this season so once we are out of them it will likely be for a while.

Air Swimmers are remote controlled, helium filled blimps that are shaped like denizens of the ocean. You can get a Shark Air Swimmer

Shark Air Swimmer

Shark Air Swimmer

Or the colorful Clown Fish Air Swimmer

Clown Fish Air Swimmer

Clown Fish Air Swimmer

The Air Swimmers are 57″ long (including the tail) and 36″ high with their fins. The remote controller works on an infrared signal up to 40 feet away and can make the Air Swimmer climb, descend, and change direction (using the fins, natch). The Air Swimmer body is made of durable nylon and can be filled with helium from any party store or place that sells helium balloons. The helium will remain in the Air Swimmer body for weeks and it can be refilled many times. (Sorry, Spectrum Scientifics does not sell helium). The movement of the Air Swimmers is easy and simple, so there is no thrashing about and crashing as you learn how to control it. It even moves like a real fish! The unit requires 4 AAA batteries, 3 for the controller and just one for the Air Swimmer.

The Air Swimmer is very light with its helium-filled, nylon body so it is not for outdoor use – even a light breeze can push it around too much. But on the other hand it will work in small indoor rooms as it does not need a lot of room to maneuver and doesn’t have the ‘hit the walls and ceilings while figuring out how to control it’ that you get with other remote control flying toys.

Now what kind of blog post would this be if we did not have a video:

Air Swimmers are just $39.95 and will be a hot item this holiday season. Be sure to get yours soon!