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Fun items for the summer

OK, officially summer doesn’t start for 5 more days, and local schools still have 3 more days before summer break kicks in, but still we can talk about some nify items we’ve added for summer fun! Let’s start with a classic toy:

The Aerobie Pro Ring



The Aeorbie, a nifty variation on the classic flying disc, has been around for a while now but still is a great summer toy. Unlike the more limited Flying discs the Aeorbie can fly the length of several football fields and holds the Guiness record for furthest throw at 1,333ft. Pro-Tip: When playing with an Aerobie at the beach, never throw it at someone with the ocean behind them. You may never see your Aerobie again.

This is the Aerobie Pro Ring with a 13″ diameter and retailing at $9.99.

Also from the Aeorbie company is the Aerobie Squidgy Ball


Squishy and fun, the Aerobie Squidgie ball’s soft, rubber fins make it ideal for children learning to throw and catch, a cool pool toy for kids of all ages, and a favorite for dogs.   For ages 3+ and comes in multiple colors. Retails for just $6.99.

T-Bolt Air Rocket Launch Set


If you can’t launch black-powder rockets, then give the T-Bolt a chance! This large (11.5″) durable plastic rocket is pumped up with the included pump and stand. It flies up to 150 feet high. Air power and the durable nose landing means you can use it again and again!


So You Want to Launch Model Rockets?

Well that’s good, because model rocketry is one of those hobbies that is much enjoyed by parent/child. It is easier to do than ever, is lots of fun, and actually quite safe!

RocketlaunchTimes were that it was not always so. In the past the major builder of rockets, Estes, was a bit troublesome to deal with. The company had been formed in 1958 when they developed a machine that mass-produced model rocket engines. This revolutionized the hobby since in the past rocketeers had to either make their own rocket engines or buy expensive, unreliable produced ones. Soon Estes were building and selling parts for models rockets and dominated the market. Rocket kits soon followed along with lots of other accessories.


Oh hey! a new rocket launch set!

this year we added Estes Models Rocket Kits to our product line, and the launch sets have actually done very well! So well in fact that we even decided to add a cool launch set to our product line. The one we chose is the Shuttle Xpress Model Rocket Launch Set:

This launch set includes the launch pad, engine igniter and the rocket & parachutes. The only thing not included are rocket engines and batteries for the launcher.

What makes this model fun is that it caries two flying model ‘shuttles’ on the rocket.


When the rocket at the shuttles reach their maximum height they detach and proceed to glide back down to Earth. The main rocket deploys its parachute and floats gently back to Earth.  The gliders can float up to 200 feet.  The kit requires minimal assembly and no gluing or painting is needed!


Rockets! We’ve got model ROCKETS!

With the temperature rising over 71F here in Philadelphia its easy to think that Spring is here – technically it isn’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day full of Spring-like fun. And to that end Spectrum Scientifics has added a whole line of Estes Model Rockets!

Let’s start off with some kits – These have everything you need to launch except the engines. They have the rocket (ready-made or minimal assembly) a launch pad, electric ignition system, parachute and instructions

The first Kit is the Flash! Model Rocket Launch Set

This guy can go as high as 925 feet and stands over 16″ tall.

The next set is a pair of rockets – The Rascal & Hijinks Rocket Launch Set

Here you get two smaller rockets that can be flown as high as 1200 feet. Like the other kits it includes launch pad, ignition system, rockets, parachutes, etc.

Finally we have the impressive Helicat Rocket Launch System

This model rocket stands over 30″ tall, and includes a two-way recovery system – the bottom deploys a parachute, while the top expands a helicopter from the nose cone and twirls its way safely back to earth.

In addition to the Launch Sets we also have added several model rockets that are easy to assemble or pre-assembled for variety, such as the Prospector:

As well as the Load Star, the Code Red  and the Sky Trax.

In addition we of course also Model Rocket Engines: in three different powers. Warning: Rocket Engines must be shipped by USPS Ground.

Soon we will have a short primer on model rocketry, but for now, the rockets are in town!


MENTOS & SODA – The Rocket Car Edition

OK, so pretty much everyone who has been on the internet has had a chance to see the classic Geyser Tube in action – The tube drops the Mentos into the soda bottle, the surface collects the fizzy bubbles and soda come streaming out. Great times! But now there is great new product that takes advantage of this little trick: The Great Geysers Soda Geyser Car


The idea is simple, since soda shoots out real fast when you drop Mentos into it, there should be some reaction to that action. I mean that’s just basic physics, yes? In this case the kit is assembled like a car, but is based around an empty soda bottle. You pour in the soda of your choice (this lets you try different ‘fuel’ experiments) drop in the Mentos and watch the car race off! It goes from 100-200 feet on a ‘charge’ of soda and Mentos. Detailed instructions explain how to assemble the car, how to run the basic car launch, and how to try different experiments with other sodas and such. In classic BeAmzing style the instructions are written for both kids and parents.

The Soda Geyser Car is a great little piece of equipment for Science Fairs to show how different setups can be done and tested. The instructions help out with that part as well!

So take the Mentos & Soda to the next level and have it move a toy car!


Soda Bottle Water Rocket!

We’ve recently added a nifty outdoor toy: The Water Rocket by 4M.

Water Rocket

The concept is one you might have seen in smaller form: you pump up a model rocket that has a small amount of water inside. The pressure builds up a lot from your pumping and when you release the valve the high air pressure pushes the water out of the rocket. When that happens, good old Action/Reaction takes place to launch the rocket into the air.

This kit make a larger water rocket using a soda bottle and some parts to assemble it into a launchable rocket. The only thing not included is a bicycle pump – one that works a Presta valve (most do these days).

Once the rocket is assembled you pump it up and launch it up to  100 feet in the air! Please be sure to be outdoors.

This kit is a great entry into soda bottle water rocketry, don’t forget that you can buy a great instruction book to take things even further and make super soda bottle rockets!