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SmoothFoam Mega Volcano

Erupting volcanos are a staple of many science fairs and school demonstrations. Plus they can be fun to do at home as well. But making the volcano canbe a bit frustrating. Either your make your own volcano with lots of Plaster-of-Paris and the mess caused by it, or a you buy a kit where you make a volcano with Plaster-of-Paris around a framework, or you have a pre-mold that ‘erupts’ using a squeeze bulb rather than a more interesting chemical reaction of vinegar & baking soda.

To help resolve this, the folks ar the Plasteel Corporation developed the Smoothfoam Mega Volcano:



New Toys: Rebound Action, Cartesian Diver & Bird Feeder with Bird Guide

A few new products came into the store today. Let’s have a look.

First we have the Rebound Action Game ,a classic old-school game involving bouncing balls just right:



Beetling 3D Wall Designs – Safari

UPDATE 6/23/14:  In early 2014 the Beetling company stated they had to move their studios to a new location. After several months they have not returned to operations, have barely answered their email, had no updated to their Facebook page, and now their main webpage would appear to be defunct. With this in mind we are assuming that they are now out of business and no longer producing 3D Wall designs. Note that we have broken the links to the products on this blog entry due to the incessant queries of “Do you have this?”. No, we do not.

Beetling Wall decorations are individually casted and painted three-dimensional wall mounted works of art, suitable for any child’s space. They are easily installed onto walls and create a great sense of fun for that room. Beetling 3D decoration castings are made of signature Designer Blended Foam,  a non-toxic and child safe material that is extremely light-weight and durable. We paint with Low VOC, child-safe water based paints and finishes.

Beetlings are very easy to install and each piece comes with step-by-step instructions on how to install them to any wall. Your 3D wall art piece can be ready in minutes in most cases as only a few screws are needed to hold it in place. If you need to move, the Beetling pieces uninstall as fast as they install

Beetling has several series of products, including Space and Dinosaurs. But for this blog post we will be covering the popular Safari line, which includes a Zebra, a baby and adult Giraffe and a 3D Acacia tree.

Let’s start with the Zebra,


The Zebra stands 36.5″ tall and is 41.75″ wide. The whole body is 3D and the head sticks out in particular


The Giraffe’s, both Baby and Adult make up the second parts of this series. The Baby Giraffe stands on a tree stump and measures in at 61″ tall:


Like the Zebra, the head sticks out for true 3D Effect:


The Baby Giraffe, of course, has a parent


Which again has an extended 3D head:


The final piece to the Safari series is the Acacia Tree:


The tree is 3D and stands 92″ tall. It can be installed straight on a wall or in a corner:


Beetling Safari pieces can be bought individually or can be used all together to make an impressive atmosphere in a play room, waiting room, or other kid’s location:


Want to order Beetling 3D Wall Art Safari Decor?




Wanna Play Cards? Nature themed playing cards!

We’ve had great success with science themed playing cards, such as the Night Sky Playing Cards or the Rocks & Minerals Playing Cards. But we have now added four regional playing card sets, each with a nature theme!

These decks are made by Adventure Publications, who take the time to craft a quality product. Each card in the deck shows a different specimen or species from the theme of the deck. Even the jokers get specimens!

First up is the Mammals of the Northeast playing cards

4314This deck shows 54 different species of mammals that live in the Northeastern portion of the USA.

Next up is the Wildflowers of the Northeast playing cards


Each card in this playing deck has a brilliant image of an attractive wildflower native to the Northeast USA.

Going from flowers to trees we have the Trees of the Northeast playing cards


This deck has leaf images of tree types of the Northeast USA.

In addition, we also have Bird of the Northeast playing cards, which will be available online as soon as the artwork is ready.

All of these decks are standard decks of playing cards with four suits, Ace thru King, and two jokers. Each card has a different specimen or species with image and name.

Want more Nature and Life Science Toys?