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Mission Small Business

Mission Small Business is a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial to help small businesses across the US by awarding up to 12 individual $250,000 Grants. Spectrum Scientifics is applying for one of these grants and we need you to help us out!

How can you help? We need 250 votes to move on to the next stage. You help by going to www.missionsmallbusiness.com and registering. You can register using your Facebook account if you prefer. Then simply search for ‘Spectrum Scientifics’ and vote for us! If we get 250 votes we’re on our way to the next step, which involves a panel of experts who will decide who gets the grants!


A nice article about our store

We have had a nice article written about our store. You can view it here:


A bit overwhelmed.

If we lack a blog post today it is because we are a little overwhelmed. Lotsa business today and this is the reason why: