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Lemon Clock!

Fruit-powered battery educational kits are nothing new, but unfortunately the ones we carried were excessively expensive for what was just a few materials. When the price of making a fruit-powered battery goes above $10 most folks start to wonder if it is worth it. But now we have added a much less expensive Lemon Clock:

May work with other fruits, too!

All you need is this kit, which is under $5, and a lemon! A simple cut of the lemon and inserting of the zinc & copper pieces produces enough electricity to power a simple LCD clock! You can try this kit on other fruits, or see how long a lemon will power the clock in an endurance test!

Plenty of folks have asked us for copper & zinc pieces to make their own fruit battery kits, and now we have not only those items, but a clock to power as well. All of this for an excellent price!


The Fun Fly Stick Static Science Kit

Unitech Toys, the makers of the popular portable Van De Graaff generator, the Fun Fly Stick has expanded on their popular and amazing toy by introducing the Static Science Kit!

Now instead of just having fun floating objects with the Fun Fly Stick you get a whole series of static experiments to work with.

First the Fun Fly Stick in the Static Science Kit is a little different: It is transparent for the handle and the charger, so you can see the charing band whirring in action as it carries charges up to the end of the wand! You get the usual assortment of floating mylar pieces to demonstrate the effects of static attraction and repulsion, but you now also get a 25 piece experiment kit as well!

Experiments include: Flying Saucers, the electrostatic drummer, induction, leyden jars, ion motors, electrostatic motors, electrostatic wind, and much more! Its a great kit for under $30 and is excellent for classrooms on a budget since the price is so low almost every student can get a kit!

The Fun Fly Stick Static Science Kit is in stock now. For home or for class you just can’t beat this kind of static experimentation!


New Books on Electronics & Magnets

We’ve got a couple of more new books in stock – these are part of our new ‘make your own science fun’ series (not the official name, BTW), much like the Soda Bottle Rocket & Practical Pyromaniac books, these are great teaching books with loads of hands on projects.

First up is Haywired – Pointless (yet awesome) Projects For The Electronically Inclined



Haywired starts off fast,with a description of how to build a painting where the eyeballs actually move (Creepy!). From there it goes on to give hints and ideas on how to make projects, and all sorts of new gadget ideas such as a capacitor racing car, talking alarm clock, and more. All of these can be built with simple components and detailed pictures are used throughout the book!

From Electricity to Magnetism we move onto Mondo Magnets

Mondo Magnets

Mondo Magnets covers a lot of classic magnet experiment, from playing with iron filings and magnets, to floating magnets, linear accelerators, and much more. Over 40 experiments are described in detail.