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Dino Pet – a living bioluminescent pet

We finally have them in stock, the Dino Pet! The glowing, living dino-shaped pet!



Inflatable Dinosaurs. Do I need to say more?

More fun products came through our doors today at Spectrum Scientifics. The most notable was the new inflatable dinosaurs! Starting with the King itself, the Inflatable T-Rex!




Beetling 3D Wall Designs – Dinosaur Series

UPDATE 6/23/14:  In early 2014 the Beetling company stated they had to move their studios to a new location. After several months they have not returned to operations, have barely answered their email, had no updated to their Facebook page, and now their main webpage would appear to be defunct. With this in mind we are assuming that they are now out of business and no longer producing 3D Wall designs. Links to products have been broken to prevent confusion.

Beetling Wall decorations are individually casted and painted three-dimensional wall mounted works of art, suitable for any child’s space. They are easily installed onto walls and create a great sense of fun for that room. Beetling 3D decoration castings are made of signature Designer Blended Foam,  a non-toxic and child safe material that is extremely light-weight and durable. We paint with Low VOC, child-safe water based paints and finishes.

Beetlings are very easy to install and each piece comes with step-by-step instructions on how to install them to any wall. Your 3D wall art piece can be ready in minutes in most cases as only a few screws are needed to hold it in place. If you need to move, the Beetling pieces uninstall as fast as they install

Beetling has several series of products, including Space and Safari. But for this blog post we will be covering the popular Dinosaur 3d Wall art, which consists of two different pieces: the Brachiosaurus and the Stegosaurus. Let’s start with the Brachiosaurus:


‘Max’ the Brachiosaurus stands over 79″ (6 feet 7 inches) and is 57″ wide (4′ 9″). His entire body is three dimensional and texture, but his long neck and head stick out from the wall:


The other member of the pair is the Stegosaurus, who stands 44.5″ tall and 47″ wide.


Like the all other Beetling decorations, the Stegosaurus is 3D and textured:


Together with the Brachiosaurus  they make a really impressive display!


(planets are another Beetling product – more on them later)

We even have a nice video to show the real dimensions of the Dinosaurs

Want to buy the Beetling 3D Brachiosaurus?

Want to buy the Beetling 3D Stegosaurus?


Science Jigsaw Puzzles – Part 2 all the other sciences!

In part 1 we covered all the new astronomy jigsaw puzzles we recently added to our product line. But we added more than a bunch of astronomy items. But we added a lot more than just astronomy puzzles. We also added puzzles from lots of other fields of science, such as as this 1,000 piece puzzle of Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period

In the same dinosaur vein we also are carrying this horizontal (12″ x 36″) 750 piece puzzle of artist Tauro Takino’s print of  Dinosaurs marching towards the viewer:

In the field of chemistry we have two offerings, both of the Periodic Table of the Elements. The first is a classic Periodic Table 1,000 piece puzzle, which makes for an excellent way to learn the properties of the elements.

We also are carrying this attractive Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements 1,000 piece puzzle.

This puzzle has photos or symbol representations of all the elements.

And for those more medically inclined we have just added this 1,000 piece puzzle of the Human Skeletal System. Each bone is labeled with details of the hands, knees, and joints.

Finally, in more of the realm of politics and geography, we have this excellent 1,000 piece puzzle of the World Map

Pick up some of these great puzzles today, who knows, you might learn a few things while putting them together!


The Digasaurus Sandbox – The Best Sandbox Ever!

We’ve just added the Digasaurus Sandbox to our online product listing – and its a real winner! This specially designed sandbox combines the love of kids playing with sand with the thrill of discovery! Kids can ‘dig up’ and expose the fossils on the bottom of the sandbox!

The Digasaurs Sandbox measure an impressive 64″ L x 47″ x 11″ h so there is plenty of room for kids to play. The sandbox was designed by renowned sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz and features impressive and accurate fossil replicas at the bottom of the sandbox. Here is an image of the Digasaurus Sandbox without any sand.

The sandbox includes a downloadable 12 page color field manual with drawings and interesting facts so kids will learn about each dinosaur they uncover.

One of the best features of the Digasuarus Sandbox is that it is designed to look like a ntarual feature – a rock. Unlike other sandboxes that contrast and uglify a yeard, the Digasaurus Sandbox actually compliments the yard. Take a look at its appearance with its lid on and it you’ll see that it looks like a large (albeit oddly shaped)  landscape stone!

Despite its appearance, the Digasaurus Sandbox is not made of rock, but rather a durable and sturdy plastic. The sandbox is made with non-toxic LLPDE plastic, manufactured in the USA. Likewise, the Digasuarus Sandbox is also made in the USA. The total weight without sand is 40 lbs. Sand, of course, is not included.

The Digasaurus Sandbox is that it is so large that it must be shipped by freight. Shipping is free.
The Digasaurus is a great addition to any backyard and costs just $399.95!

A larger Super-Size Digasaurus is also available for schools, parks, and other facilities – this unit measures 90″ diameter. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Want to buy the Digasaurus Sandbox?


New Information Intensive Poster – The History Of the Earth

Our line of Feenix published information intensive posters has been quite popular and well received, and now we have added a new one  that is humbly titled the History of the Earth

The History Of The Earth

In this poster, the 4.6 million year history of the Earth (the Universe, really) is covered in excellent detail. Pictures are used to illustrate the four Eons and periods within them. As one might expect from a poster covering such a ling era, human arrival is but a blip of the two last pictures (one of which is actually post-human).

Like the other Information Intensive Poster series this poster is laminated for durability so it can survive in a classroom, but good enough quality and attractive enough to be on an amateur scientists home wall.



How Warm is my Dinosaur?

Just a bit of fun news: for the first time scientists have been able to measure the temperature of dinosaurs. In the past people considered dinosaurs to be just big lizards and thus cold blooded. In recent decades, evidence showed that dinosaurs were actually the ancestors of birds and probably not cold-blooded. Now they have been able to run some tests that are the next best thing to having a time machine and a thermometer. Turns out the dinos were not as warm as birds, but much warmer than modern lizards!


Robotime Walking Robot Dinosaur Skeletons!

We’ve seen plenty of wood dinosaur skeleton puzzles but this one is a new twist: They are robotic skeletons and they roar and walk!

You put it together out of 70-85 pieces (depending on the model) and in addition to the skeleton there are also motors and battery pack (using 3 AAA batteries) that make the dinosaur roar, walk (in a shuffle) and in the case of the T-Rex, swing his tail! The neat part is that the robot is sound activated! Clap your hands and it will start walking and roaring!

T-Rex is not the only member of this line. There are also the Stegosaurus, and the Tricerotops:

Triceratops Robotime Dinosaur