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More from Goldie Blox

The engineering toy aimed at young girls continues to expand, and they’ve moved past just engineering basics and have some great new products.

Goldie Blox kits are for children aged 4-9. The latest entry is, not a kit, but an action figure!

This is no dress-up Princess, either, Goldie’s action figure ziplines!



More New Metal Earth Models (part 1)

Metal Earth Models are great little models you build from laser-cut sheets of steel! We’ve been selling them for several years and now have added a few more great entries from the product line.  Let’s look at 3 of the new ones. We’ll start with the Ford 1965 Mustang Coupe!



Metal Earth – New Models Part 2

OK in part 1 we covered most of the new Metal Earth models that are popular landmarks, now it is time for everything else. So let;s start with a TANK!



Metal Earth: New Models Part 1

Metal Earth, previously known as Metal Marvels and Metal Works has introduced a new batch of models, including some of their Gold series which use three sheets to build. The originals were built using just one single 11x11cm sheet. The Silver series increased it to two sheets, and now comes the Gold series.

In any case, if you didn’t know what Metal Earth is, it is models you put together using pieces laser etched into sheets of steel. Assembly usually takes about 30-45 minutes and requires only a set of needle-nose pliers.

First up we will look at the new Gold Series. We added two of these, first is the Sydney Opera House



New MetalWorks Part 2

OK, so we got the MetalWorks  3D LaserCut Metal Models F-22 Raptor, The Tiger Tank, The Golden Hind, The Tin Lizzie and the Brooklyn Bridge in our last blog entry.  But these were not all the new MetalWorks models we added. There’s actually a few more! Let’s take a look:

First up is the Pirate Ship Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Carribean movie:


From the world of Modern Drone Aviation there is the RQ170 Sentinel Drone


For more classic aviation, there is the Japanese Zero Fighter Plane


And also this incredibly detailed Steam Locomotive


A classic detailed Ferris Wheel


And countering the Zero Fighter Plane above is an excellent model of a F4U Corsair Fighter-Bomber


All these models come on 1 or 2 sheets of flat metal and range in size from 3″ to 5″ on their long side. The models are incredibly detailed and take 30-60 minute to assemble. Great for ages 12+.

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HABA Terra Kids Working Wood Model Kits

We’ve added a small line of products: The HABA Terra kids model kits. These are wood models you punch out the pieces and assemble to make working wood rubber-band powered models.
First up is the Terra Kids Beetle:


The Beetle, once assembled, will skitter along with its googly eyes bouncing around and looking silly. Here is  a video tube of the assembly process and the beetle in action:

Next would be the Terra Kids Twirling Prawn Kit:

The Prawn is put together, much like the Beetle, but instead of skittering it twirls around.

Finally, we have the Terra Kids Automobile Kit:


This kit is again pieced together from wood punch model pieces. Once assembled the motor will race the car without batteries, just rubber band propulsion! Watch the car getting put together and zoom across the table!

As a company, HABA has been making children’s toys for decades, usually in Europe. These are the first products they have developed that we found were good for our product line. Chek them out!

Tectonic Toys

Spectrum Scientifics is proud to carry a very interesting and hard-to-get construction toy: Tectonic Toys

Tectonic Toys are a construction toy designed around shapes. When you get a pack of them, they don’t look like too much, just flat pieces of colorful plastic:

But the secret is that these pieces can be joined together using the Tectonic Hinge, which allows the pieces to be connected to each other. Once together, you can build various colorful multi-sided shapes:

Or more simple shapes like this:

These are just a couple of examples of the shapes that can be made with the pieces. Since there are 324 ways for the Tectonic hinges to connect the possible arrangements is huge. We won’t say infinite, but its pretty darn high!.
Tectonic Toys  are just $20 a set and great for kids or adults who enjoy construction. Each set has 48 pieces – 8 of each color.


Marble Run!

Construction toys are fun, and they are even more fun when they actually can do something! Marble Run is a new product that Spectrum Scientifics is carrying that lets you build spinning ramps for marbles to race down.

Marble run comes in two sizes: 37 pieces and 80 pieces for $9.99 and $19.99 respectively. Pieces are compatible so you can combine sets to make even larger marble runs. The 37 piece includes 15 marbles and the 80 piece has 30 marbles for some serious rolling.

Marble Run is meant for ages 3+, making it an excellent construction toy for young builders!


Straws & Connectors

We’ve added a new construction toy, well, its new to us anyway. Straws and Connectors!

Straws & Connectors use a simple concept: You get lots of plastic straws, as well as a bunch of jack shaped connector pieces that allow you to attach one straw to another, either in a straight line or at a right angle, etc. Straws can be made to curve (such as in the cylinder shape of the rocket shown above). You can even cut the straws for special shaping. The straws and connectors are  vividly colored. Several hints are given on how to build various shapes and objects, but kids can download special instructions to build rockets, boats, cars, castles and more at www.strawsandconnectors.com.

Straws and Connectors come in three sizes, the 230 piece set, the 400 piece set, and the deluxe 705 pieces set.

In addition to Straws & Connectors, we have also added the actually new Newspaper Connectors to our product line!

The concept is the same as with straws and connectors, except now instead of straws kids roll up newspapers using provided tube ends and connect them with larger size connectors. The newspapers take the place of the straws and so can be cut easily to exactly the correct length. Kids can build huge structures using old recycled newspapers. With 36 connectors and 200 tube ends you have enough to make your own playground! Probably shouldn’t swing on it however.

Straws & Connectors and Newspaper connectors are good for ages 4+.

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New Metal Marvel Building Toys!

We’ve had great success with the Metal Marvels. These are simple kits where you punch out metal pieces, bend them into shape and assemble. The kits are laser-cut and usually can be assembled in about 30-45 minutes. These were good for us so we added a few new models to our line!

First up is the Space Shuttle Metal Marvel. The shuttle may be retired, but it still makes for an excellent model!


Buildings were very popular so we also figured some of the European structures would do well. That is why we know have the Eiffel Tower Metal Marvel.

Across the channel, we have London’s Big Ben Clock Tower.

All Metal Marvel models are 3-4″ tall (or long for ones like the Shuttle) and are for ages 13+. They arrive flat on laser-punched cards so they can fit in an envelope or card.