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Zeeman Effect Apparatus

When an atom is excited it will emit a photon, making light. When that same light emitting atom is subjected to a magnetic field, its emission lines are split into multiple components at shifted wavelengths. This is known as the Zeeman Effect, named after the Nobel Prize winning physicist who observed the effect in 1896. It is fairly easy to explain, but hard to demonstrate or make in labs because it involves equipment that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, from United Scientific’s Advanced Physics Line there is now a Zeeman Effect Apparatus at a much more affordable price!




fischertechnik Robot Labs

We’ve already covered fischertechnik’s excellent physics & mechanichs labs that are part of their science line.  But we have now recently added fischertechnik’s flagship products: Their excellent robot lab kits.

For younger robot enthusiasts we have the ROBO LT Beginner Lab, designed for ages 8+. Over 200 connecting components are included!


With this kits kids can build basic robotic models such as this lighthouse model:


Along with many other designs.


The next step up is the much more involved ROBO TX training Lab


This lab is aimed at slightly older kits (Age 10+), it has 310 pieces and includes the ROBO TX Controller, motors, and software. The only thing you needs besides this kit is the Accu Set power supply!

For more a mobile robot experience, the ROBOT TX Explorer comes to the forefront:


Again made for ages 10+, this lab centers around programming, redesigning, and repurposing the tracked Explorer robot:

This little can be modified and reprogrammed for many different purposes such as trail-finding, color detection, exploration and even rescue! The kits comes with all component parts but requires the seperately sold TX Controller, Power supply, and software.

Finally, the field of industry gets covered with the ROBO TX Automation Robots Lab


In this lab, kids build fully-functioning automation robots not very different from what you might find on the factory floor (albeit much smaller).


The Automation kit requires the ROBO TX Controller, ROBO Software, and power supply.

These kits are not cheap, and fischertechnik did not cut corners to bring them to you. They are great for kids who need a higher step above standard robot kits & toys. They are also excellent for schools – their durability and ‘construction toy’ nautre means they can be used again and again from class year to class year, making them a bargain in the long run!

Want to buy more fischertechnik and other classroom robots?


Insect Computer Mice & Other Specimens

We found that our Spider Optical Computer Mouse was actually pretty popular, so we thought it would be great to add some more types of “insect mice”.  To start with we’ve added this Black Scorpion Computer Mouse:

Scoprion Computer Mouse

Note: scorpion will not sting you while using Photoshop.

This is a fully functional optical computer mouse, with a 56″ USB cable. It even costs relatively the same as any computer mouse you might pick up at a computer store, but it is way cooler!

In addition to the scorpion mouse, we also have the Green Beetle Computer Mouse:

Green Beetle Computer Mouse

Green Beetle!


These computer mice are not the only specimen products we have added of late.  We also have this 3″ Bat specimen in Lucite:

Bat Speciment

As well as this pair of scorpions:


Fighting Scorpions!

Both of these samples make nice desktop additions or can be used as specimen samples for microscope examination.

So come on and get some great desktop displays and some extra-special computer mice!