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New Brass Products

We had a bit of success with some of our previous brass items, such as the small brass sextant and the small brass equatorial sundial that we decided to add a few new brass items to our product line. They look great and are functional!

First up is the biggest new item, a classically designed 36″ Brass Telescope on a wood tripod

This telescope has a fixed 20X magnification and a tripod that extends from 35″ to 62″ tall! It looks great in any room and adds a touch of class! It is also a bargain at only $229.95!


The next items are nowhere near as large, but they can still be very impressive. First up is the 3″ Brass Sundial and compass.

3" brass sundial and compass

This sundial/compass has lots of neat features and looks great. It also comes with a wood storage box with brass features!


A slightly smaller version of the Brass Compass/Sundial combo is also available:  The 2-1/4″ Brass compass/sundial .

2-1/4" Brass Sundial & compass

This unit does not come with a wood box, but does have a brass lid with a brass ‘calculator’ for determining actual time. The whole unit fits neatly in your pocket!


Next up is the  4″ Brass Directional Compass.

4" Brass Directional Compass

Built on a solid wood base, this compass really can impress with its large size and gorgeously carved brass interior.


Finally there is the liquid-filled 2-1/4″ Brass Compass.

2-1/4" Brass B/W Compass

Almost downright utilitarian by comparison to the other brass items, this compass still looks great! The interior markings are a nice contrasting black and white surface and the liquid filled compass ensures no excess ‘wobbles’ when moved!


These brass items make great gifts and yet are quite functional as well!