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Two New Books!

We’ve added a couple of really neat books to our line-up. First up is Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

Build Implements of Spitball Warefare

As the name implies, the entire book is devoted to plans and building of mini-catapults, launchers, crossbows and such. Included are

  • Clothespin Catapult
  • Matchbox Bomb
  • Shoelace Darts
  • Paper-Clip Trebuchet
  • Tube Launcher
  • Clip Crossbow
  • Coin Shooter
  • Hanger Slignshot
  • Ping-Pong Zooka

…and many more! In all over 35 projects are described along with some instructions for building some nifty targets for your min-weapons to shoot at!

The usual caveats should apply here: Do not aim any of these weapons at people, etc. Yadda, yadda you know the drill.

The next book is Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself and like the Mini-Weapons book it involves making and building cool things based on the inventions and sketches of the famous inventor



Now, how well some of these invention work may be a different matter. Most of Leonardo’s sketches were never ‘brought to life’ and most folks can see there will be some design flaws with them (his hand cranked  helicoptor is an example). But that still leaves lots of great things like a Perspectograph, Weather Predictor,  Trebuchet,  and many more. Detailed building instructions are given for over fifteen Leonardo inspired constructions that use ordinary household materials.

Both of these books are part of our library of excellent science books. Be sure to pick up copies today!


Dmitri’s Neighborhood -A book on feeling at home with chemistry basics

Dmitri’s neighborhood is a book on the basics of chemistry written in a low-stress way to learn chemistry concepts. Written by Marti Trudeau, an author local to Spectrum Scientific’s store.



Working with the concept of the periodic table (developed by Dmitri Mendeleyev – hence ‘Dmitri’s neighborhood) the book walks easily and amusingly through the basic elements and covers topics such as chemical formulas, atoms, electrons, and much more.  Concepts are covered in an easy to equate style so that students can learn easily – the world of chemistry is presented in a manner as if you were walking around a neighborhood and meeting the neighbors (elements). Over 150 pages along with appendices covering the details about the elements. This is book is a great way for junior or senior high school students to learn about chemistry.