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We have added a new line of models at Spectrum Scientifics: Mastercraft Models. These models are painstakingly crafted from Phillipine Mohagany and hand-painted with exact detailing. Mastercraft primarily builds commercial and warfare aircraft models, but for now we are carrying their line of Space Exploration models.

These means Space Shuttle models!


These models of the Space Shuttle in launch position are avaialble in 1/100 scale or a more economical 1/200 scale. Shuttle models are available for the Shuttles Endeavor, Discovery, and Atlantis.

Also available are Shuttle Orbiter models in a flight pose:


This line is available in both a 1/100th scale as well as an economical 1/200th scale. Orbiter models are available for the Discovery, Endeavor, and Atlantis.

A collection set in two sizes of the entire Shuttle Orbiter fleet is also available:


This collection includes the Enterprise (which never flew in space) as well as the lost Shuttle Orbiters: Columbia and Challenger. All models have the same detailing as the individual models, and are on a display plaque. Size varies as two versions are available: 1/200 scale and 1/144 scale.

The Mastercraft Line is not limited to just Shuttle models. They also have an impressive number of space exploration vehicles. Such as model Saturn V rockets:


As well as Ares I and Ares V models in 1/200 scale.


Other models in the history of space exploration include the rocket-powered X-15


Or the first manned private spacecraft, the Space Ship One.

All models show an incredible amount of attention to detail. Each model is identical to the original model’s blueprint. Mastercraft models is one of the few model companies comissioned by major airlines and aircraft manufacturers to build display models. Mastercraft models are so well built they will last generations. Get your keepsake model today!

Want to buy Mastercraft Models at Spectrum Scientifics?




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