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Ah, some day some Nostalgia program on VH1 will talk about the phenomenon made of sweet spherical magnets known most popularly as BuckyBallsBUckballs

BuckyBalls, or more specifically Spherical Magnets were banned by the CPSC on April 1st 2015. Even before the ban, the manufacturer of BuckyBalls had been sued into non-production by the CPSC along with another spherical magnet company, MagiCube. The CPSC asserted that they were a clear danger and warning labels were not sufficient. The manufacturer of BuckyBalls tried to defend its position but did so poorly, with a lot of mixed irrelevant political messaging that did not strike a chord.

However, a 3rd company, known as Zen Magnets, took a different tactic. They disputed the CPSC’s claims of imminent danger and rather than settle the case brought against them they had the case brought to judgement. Yesterday that judgement was rendered.

And Zen Magnets won…this round. The judge decalred that the CPSC was unable to correlate any injuries directly to ZenMagnets, and that the warnings placed on ZenMagnets were sufficient. In addition they declared that spherical magnets, when used properly, presented no danger whatsoever.

So what does this mean? Barring an appeal it means that ZenMagnets is off the hook for damages alleged by the CPSC and the CPSC really can’t go around declaring that the magnets are inherently unsafe. Unfortunately, the appeal is decided by the same people who approved the ban & recall in the first place and its pretty obvious how stacked that deck is. That appeal may then be overturned in court but this means that the CPSC can smugly decide to let ZenMagnets use up all its energy and resources.

Read about the case.


From Zen magnets

From Nancy Nord



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