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Boogie Boards are a fun item where you draw on a flat surface, then press a button that erased the screen. We sold lots of them and while they were aweseom there were a few minor shortcomings: They were a bit thick, not as bright as they could be, and to stand them up you had to lean them on something, it was also very hard to replace the battery if you needed to, but since they would last around 20,000-50,000 erasings this didn’t really come up much.

Now Kent Displays has come up with an improved model – along with a new version for younger kids. First the new model : Meet the Boogie Board Jot 8.5″:


The Boogie Board Jot comes in grey  and blue. The new Jot has features such as an  being 50% brighter, has an easily replaceable battery and a holder for the included stylus.  It is also thinner than the previous Boogie Board models, aswell as featuring a kickstand:

6060 (2)

The Jot is also less expensive, selling for $29.99, this new price and the thinner structure make it an excellent tool for school & work

6060 (11)

And it is great fun for kids as well as useful for adults.

6060 (3)

Now, while kids have always enjoyed the Boogie Boards, and will doubtless continue to enjoy the Boogie Board Jot, the developer decided a great idea would be to develop a version for even younger children. So rather than just putting pretty kids stickers over another Boogie board, they took it one step further by making the board part transluscent so that kids can trace through the drawing area. Meet the Play n Trace Boogie Board

6062 (6)

The large, coloful Play n Trace can be placed over things so kids can trace them. The Play n Trace comes with letter and drawing templated for kids to trace out:

6062a (3)

It is easy to hold and is a great way for kids to learn writing, drawing or just express themselves in the way kids only can.

6062 (7)

The Play n’ Trace includes the Boogie Board unit, two-sided stylus and a seriesof letter, word and image teplates for kids to draw on.

Want to buy the Play n Trace?


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