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New Metal Earth Models

Fascintations comntiues to produce more and more models for their popular Metal Earth line. These are models that come on laser-cut metal sheets that you punch out and assemble to make extremely realistic and detailed models of various cars, buildings, vehicles, etc. We don’t carry the entire line but we have added 4 new models to our offerings. Let’s have a look.

First up is the Star Wars TIE Fighter


Based off the iconic fighter of the Empire, this model comes on two sheets and is a compainion to the Darth Vader (command) TIE fighter that has been out for several months.

Next up we move into the world of Muscical Instruments with a Grand Piano


Detailed enough to show the black keys, but not actually playable.

In vehicles we have added the AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter.


And finally we go to the Moon with the Apollo Lunar Rover


Perhaps a companion to the Apollo Lunar Module (although not to scale with it), this is an excellent representation of the Rover astronauts used on Apollo missions 15,16 & 17.

Want to buy other construction kits?



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