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New Kites!

Although you might not realize it from the chilly outside weather or the impending snow storm that is approaching the Philadelphia region, but Spring is actually coming, and with it some nicer weather. Time to fly some kites! We have several new kites in for the Spring. Here are some of the new ones:

Pirate Ship Bali Kite


We’ve had 3D Pirate kites in the past, but they got prohibitively expensive. Now this new 3D Pirate Ship Kite is ready to set sail for the skies!

Rainbow Delta Kite with Spinner

This kite’s main feature is the huge spinner that flies after it!


The bright and bold delta kite is easy to fly and sports a 42′ spinning curlie tail.  Great for beginning kite flyers who want a bit more pizazz to their flyers!

Silhouette Bird Kites


These colorful silhouette bird kites span 44″ wide and really stand out in the sunny skies. The birds are available in purple (shown) as well as Teal.

Silhouette Butterfly Kites


These two-toned butterfly silhouette kites stand out much like their bird partners, but also include colorful 6′ streamers extending from each butterfly. The butterfly silhouettes come in blue/green and pink/purple.

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