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Anatomical models are a great seller for us. We’ve got a wide variety at excellent prices and now we’ve added a few more. Let’s take a look:

We’ll start with the Muscles of the Human Leg -13 Parts Model.


This model is LIFE-SIZE and is composed of 13 parts for study of the muscular structure of the human leg. Nerves, vessels and ligaments can also be studied.  The removable parts consist of: gluteus maximum, tensor fascia lata, sartorius, gracilis, rectus femoris, biceps femoris(2), semitendonosus, semimembranosus, extensordigitorumlongus, gastrocnemius, soleus, and sole of the foot.

Got a leg? Well you’ll need an Arm! How about a 7-Part Muscles of the Human Arm


Like the Leg model, this model is life-size and the superficial muscles can be removed for individual study or to examine the deep muscles. Removable parts are Deltoid muscle, biceps muscle, triceps muscle, long palmar muscle with radial flexor muscle of wrist, brachioradial muscle with radial axtensor muscle of wrist, palmar aponeurosis.

For a more overall examination of the human muscular system we have a pair of models. The first is a small 50cm (about 20″, or 1/4 of an actual human size) model of the human muscular system:


The superficial muscles are displayed in the model (they cannot be removed) and the figure is attached to a base.

To scale up, we also have a 1/2 size human muscle model (85cm or 33″)  with 27 removable parts!


This half life size human model allows students to examine the superficial and deep muscles, tendons, vasculature, and ligaments of the human body with ease. The internal organs can also be removed for more detailed study. 27 parts in all!

Interested in buying other anatomy models?


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