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littleBits is a modular electronics building kit that is actually good for both kids and adults (and we are not just saying that). It’s incredible versatility has taken the ‘Make it’ movement by storm and the online support community has been incredible.

And now, we are carrying littleBits at Spectrum Scientifics

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The modular components of the littleBits sets have magnets so that they click together neatly. The polarity of the magnets prevents the pieces from being attached incorrectly (such that the electronics might be damaged).

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littleBits regular sets come in in Base, Premuim, and Deluxe. Unlike other kinds of kits, there is actually very little overlap between the kits – they all share some components (battery pack for example) and may share some modular components with 1 of the other kits, but each one has its own identity so that if you pick up a Base kit to start, you won’t be wasting money on duplicate components and experiments if you pick up the Deluxe Kit later on.

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The littleBits Base Kit   includes 10 bits  modules and 8 projects in the box.

The littleBits Premium Kit has 14 bits modules and 10 projects in the box.

The littleBits Deluxe Kit has 18 bits modules and 15 projects in the box.

Don’t let the low number of projects in the box fool you. The online community with littleBits is HUGE and hundreds of projects are available, along with whatever you might come up with yourself!

Since the kits are modular, individual bits modules can also be purchased. Each single module you buy can expand the versatility of your littleBits collection hundredfold!

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We cannot overemphasize how important this community can be to your enjoyment of littleBits.

Here’s a quick video of the larger littleBits sets (Premuim and Deluxe).


In addition the the basic kits, we have also added the littleBits Space  to our product line. It covers lots of great Space exploration electronics:

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littleBits Space has 12 bits modules and 10 activities designed in collaboration with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. These projects include building your own littleBits version of the Mars Rover or the Space Station.

And yes, we have a video!




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