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Benchmark Rotating Mixer

Probably one of the strangest looking pieces of equipment you might find in a laboratory is a Rotating Mixer. I mean, look at the thing, it looks like a mini Ferris Wheel!


But no, this is an important piece of lab equipment. Sometimes you don’t just need rocking, shaking, or vortex mixing. Your compounds need to be mixed by a steady rotation that takes advantage of gravity.

The BenchMark Rotating Mixer is an excellent and low-cost way to do this (compared to competing models). The Rotating Mixer has adjustable angle (0-90 degrees) and adjustable rotation speed (from 1 measly rotation per minute all the way up to 40). It can opearte manually or work on a timer so it switches off  from 1 second to 9 hours later. It can also operate in cooling units and incubators as it has an operational range from 0-60C.

The capacity is excellent as well. The Mixer is able to handle 12 x 50ml vials, 20 x 15ml vials, or 48 x 2.0ml vials using different plates (included).


Each tube holder on each of the three plates is designed to hold the vials secure and are rubber coated to provide a secure grip on the vial.

An additional feature, unique to the Benchmark Rotator,  is that it can be set to reverse after rotating 360 degrees, then go forward again, then backwards. This provides for a more intense mixing action.

The BenchMark Rotator sells for just $795 and has Free Shipping to the Continental US when purchased from Spectrum Scientifics.

Want to buy the Benchmark Rotating Mixer?


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