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OK, here’s 10 quick gifts that cost less than $10, can ship easy (weigh less than a pound) and are great as stocking stuffers or gifts for people on a budget. Let’s go!

Fun Straws


Comes with 104 pieces that allow you to construct a maze of straws that makes drinking your favorite beverage a whole new world.

Glow Fusion Bubbles


Glow Fusion Bubble Solution begins with Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Solution (Earth’s Best Bubbles), coupled with our special formulated Infusion Activators that are carefully constructed to outrageously light up your outdoor play with a fantastic orange, pink & blue glow!

Rookie Solar Racer


Build your own real solar racer! A great kit for ages 8+.

Atomic Symbols Card Game


A fun card game for learning about atomic symbols and chemical formulas! Compete with your friends for the highest score. Combine various atoms to create elements.

Perpetual Spinning Top


Spin this mysterious top on its base and watch it continue to spin for hours, even days! Our model on the floor at Spectrum actually went for weeks without stopping. The secret? Well, let’s just say it requires a 9V battery, which is included.

Cartesian Diver


Construct a Cartesian diver using a dropper, copper washers, and a hook. Place it inside a water-filled plastic bottle and learn how changing pressure can cause the diver to sink or float.

Deluxe Magnet Set


Discover the fun of magnets. This 24 piece set has an assortment of 23 magnets in 9 different designs plus paper clips for pick-up play.

Decisive Factor


Ask your Question. Swing the pendulum. Get your answer! Fun with random movements caused by magnetic interaction!

With the World Time Sundial, all you need is the Sun to tell time. The sundial can also be used to find the angle elevation angle. Use the disk to find the time in any country.

Solar Powered Hoot Owl


Place this friendly little owl in sunlight (or even under some bright indoor light) and watch its head turn back and forth! Needs no batteries, just some light. Great fun for a desk or window!



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