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We finally have them in stock, the Dino Pet! The glowing, living dino-shaped pet!


The Dino Pet is the result of a Kickstarter campaign to produce a ‘pet’ made of tiny oceanic creatures known as Dinoflagellates.  These tiny creatures absorb light and when agitated (such as in an ocean’s waves or current).  To see how this looks in the wild, this video of a Sand Diego beach shows the glowing in action:

With the kickstarter funding them, the developers of the Dino Pet, BioPop, set out to answers questions about their product – how to feed them, how to grow them, how to ship them, and much more. All of these questions were resolved and the Dino Pet went into production.


The Dino Pet works simply – you set it up with some food and give it indirect sunlight. Once nighttime falls you can give your Dino Pet a shake and watch the Dinoflagellates glow! You can see how it works from this video:

The Dino Pet is sold in two ways – one is straight from the company and must be rushed shipped to the delivery address. This is because the Dinoflagellates are living creatures and having them sit in a box for 5-6 days of delivery time is hard on the little creatures. But this also means that if you are giving it as a gift you can’t wrap it and put it under the tree for several weeks.

The solution is the gift version of the Dino Pet, which is what we carry at Spectrum. This version has the delightful box, the Dino Pet, care manual, and a Fill ‘er Up Coupon that can be used at the manufacturer’s website to have a pack of Dinoflagellates and their food, express shipped to you.  There is no extra charge for the Dinoflagellate shipping.

5460cThe lifespan of Dinoflagellates with proper care and feeding is indefinite due to the microbial animals reproducing in the Dino Pet. Feeding is simple and can be done approximately every 1-2 months.  The Dino Pet must only get indirect sunlight to ‘charge’ as direct sunlight is too harsh. The Dino Pet must be shaken at night to activate the bioluminescence and should not be over-shaken as this can harm the Dinoflagellates.

Want to buy your own Dino Pet or get one as a gift? Click here to buy!


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