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We’ve carried Artec kits for a few months and they’ve done quite well. Some of the kits have a rational outlook to them and others have the zany Japanese anime-influenced look to them that makes them twice as awesome. Most of the new kits fall into the latter category.

First up is a rather odd kit: See Through Ice


Equipment with the kit, along with your kitchen’s freezer, let’s kids create a ball of clear ice as they learn about what happens when water freezes!


Getting a little more advanced we now move on to the Convertible Telescope


Similar to the Artec Build a Telescope kit, this has students building their own telescope, except that they can covert it into two different designs: A Galilean Refractor and a Keplerian Refractor.


5432b 5432c

Great for budding astronomers!

Also in the astronomy theme is the Solar System oriented planet-building kit: Planet Engineer


Using clay-like materials, students will use the molds to create their own planets!



Finally, Artec has developed a kid’sized (and priced) version of the Celstial Sphere with their own Celestial Globe.


Students construct and study this mini version of the Celestial Sphere that operates like a globe within a globe. to lenr about the relationship between the Earth and the stars in the sky.


Artec Kits continue to amaze us with their originality, value, and creativity.

Want to buy science toys?




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