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The engineering toy aimed at young girls continues to expand, and they’ve moved past just engineering basics and have some great new products.

Goldie Blox kits are for children aged 4-9. The latest entry is, not a kit, but an action figure!

This is no dress-up Princess, either, Goldie’s action figure ziplines!


Kids set up the zipline towers with provided pieces. The Goldie action figure includes the zipline string, tower parts, and Goldie herself!

Of course, Goldie Blox needs a new kit as well, and so Goldie moves into the world of movie-making with Goldie Blox and the Movie Machine


Goldie Blox and the Movie Machine is a bit more sophisticated for a Goldie Blox kit as the suggested age is 6+, rather than the usual 4-9. With this kit kids will learn to build and operate a Zeotrope and learn about animation, cranks, and more! The includes collectible cards, movie sets, and can work with the new Goldie Blox APP (available from the apple App store)

The final entry is something a lot of Goldie Blox fans have been hoping for – up until now, all Goldie Blox kits were pretty much self-contained. They had the parts needed for the storyline and not much more. For a kit that has often advertised itself via viral videos showing Rube Goldberg contraptions this was something of a shortcoming for Goldie Blox. But not anymore, as they have added the Goldie Blox and the Builder’s Survival Kit:


The kit contains 190 pieces from Goldie Blox line:


It includes Goldie’s builder diary which gives ideas for what to build in case kids don’t want to ‘free build’.

The suggested age for the Builder’s Survival kit is 7+, making it the highest suggested age for a Goldie Blox product. Free-building takes a bit of dexterity it seems.

And now, just for fun, Goldie Blox’s new ad for the Goldie Action figure. It is loosely based on Apple Computer’s famous ‘1984’ ad and makes it somehow a bit creepier with the use of young girls and fashion.








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