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For several years now, we have sold the EcoAquarium Dwarf African Aquatic Frogs in our store. They are delightful to watch and easy to maintain since they need to be fed only twice a week and have their tank cleaned twice a year.


But there was a small problem with the frogs – they weren’t easy to transport. We would build the EcoAquariums ourselves in the store: Adding the ‘Living Gravel’, the colored gravel, the rock and bamboo, then fill the EcoAquarium with spring water and finally add the pair of frogs. This wasn’t so hard but as you may guess even a small aquarium like this is a bit heavy and can be hard to handle. No problem for someone going straight to their car, but what about customers who weren’t local? The EcoAquarium couldn’t be mailed, it couldn’t be put on an airplane. Unless you were local getting your own frogs just wasn’t in the cards!

Until now! Wild Creations, the makers of the EcoAquarium have created a new EcoAquarium you can buy and send as a gift or take with you on long journeys! Meet the EcoAquarium Basic Box Set


This kit, selling for $19.99 contains all of the ‘dry’ parts of an EcoAquarium (color gravel, Ecoaquarium Habitat, instructions, decorative rock, food pack for a year) along with a coupon for the ‘wet’ parts of the EcoAquarium which includes the living gravel, bamboo, and two Dwarf African Aquatic Frogs. A shipping fee will apply as the ‘wet’ parts need expedited shipping. But this is a lot easier than trying to carry a water-filled EcoAqurium onto an airplane or having to wrap one up for several weeks before the Holidays (don’t do that to an active EcoAquarium, by the way).

As is the case with our EcoAquariums they are easy to feed ( you feed the frogs twice a week) and easy to maintain (clean the tank twice a year). They are a perfect ‘desktop pet’ for home office or school.  Dwarf African Frogs live for 2-3 years and the EcoAquarium can be ‘revamped’ with a fresh ‘wet’ pack.

You can buy the Basic Box EcoAquarium from Spectrum Scientifics right now!




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