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Safariology: All the rest

So in the first part of Safariology we covered the sets that involve life cycles, be they bee, plant, or frog.

In this part we cover the other sets in the series we shall be carrying. There are only 2 but they are awesome!

First up is Evolution of Man which is a 5 piece series that covers several stages of human evolution:


The models in the set are Austriopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Homo Neanderthanlensis, and Hom Sapiens Sapiens. The packaging includes details about each stage including its era and meaning of its name.

From the biological to the Astronomical we shift over the final set: The Solar System


This set includes a model Sun and the eight major planets of our solar system. The packaging acts as a display tray:


The packaging also contains statistical detail of the planets of the Solar System – Distance from the sun, Position in orbit, diameter, Temperature, and number of Moons.

Both sets are excellent education kits for students and teacher will find them handy for classroom education. All for a price under $10!

Want to buy more Science Toys?


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