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New Planet Maps

OK, technically one of these is actually a Moon Map but let’s not quibble on semantics . These new Maps from Orion are a great way to get the most out of planetary viewing with your telescope. The first up is the Moon Map 260


The Moon Map 260 is named so because it lists and marks 260 of the most popular features of the lunar surface. These maps are trifolded andĀ  heavily laminated so they can handle dew and rain. The Maps measure 8.5″ x 11″ when folded and and 22.5″ x 11″ when unfolded. The Moon Map features two versions of the visible surface of the Moon 0ne correct-image and the other mirror imaged for when you are using a telescope (which will produce upside-don and reversed images).

The Jupiter Map is also a must for those viewing the Solar System’s largest planet.


The Jupiter Map does not list 260 different features but does list various Jovian features such as stripes, spots, and Galilean satellite positions, and other crucial and rare viewing dates for conjunction events from 2014-2020. Details on using colored filters for effective viewing is also given.

These Maps are $12.99 each and a must for any new astronomer or advanced astronomer who wants to better enjoy the objects in our solar system.

Want to buy the Moon Map 260?

Want to buy the Jupiter Map?



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