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Two new kits for kids age 6+ have arrived in the store today. They are Photosynthesis in a Tube and Pendulums and Collisions


Made by the strange but unique Artec Educational, Photosynthesis in a Tube allows students to actually see Photosynthesis in action. The only thing needed is a bit 5074aof waterweed, which can be purchased at a pet shop (or on the internet).  The waterweed is placed in the tube with purple sweet potato powder and placed in the sun. Photosynthesis, which produces both oxygen ad starch, will show in a color reaction in the tube! In addition you might also see bubbles (of oxygen) from the leaves! The experiment is laid down in a very easy to follow format so that young children can follow what is happening with ease! Over 5 different experiments to try!

The Second kit is far from the botany of Photosynthesis. It involves good old fashion mechanics in the form of Pendulums and Collisions


With this kit students will build and test their own pendulum, as well as their own Newton’s Cradle! The experiments will teach principles of momentum and 5093aenergy. The pendulum can be adjusted by length, deflection width, and weight to test¬† pendulum principles. Like the Photosynthesis Kit, this kit is for children age 6+ and has a well laid out instructions that cover the ideas with nifty comics and graphics.

Be sure to grab these kits for your kids today!

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