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Spectrometers are a staple product of high school and University Physics labs. Used for testing and measuring the refraction of light, they are crucial for a lot of optics programs. Among one of the better class of instruments for this purpose is the United Scientific Intermediate Spectrometer


This sturdy and accurate instrument (reads to within 1 minute) features Auto-collimation for faster setup and excellent quality optics.

The auto-collimation consists of an illuminated eyepiece cross and a mirror placed on the prism table. The collimation procedure is simple and rapid and allows the student to focus the telescope correctly and align the prism  table to the telescope axis. A simple adjustment and focus and the Spectrometer is ready for use.

The Optical system has 22mm diameter achromatic objectives, a helical focuser (less travel issues than a rack & pinion system) and a screw-operated inlet slit. This results in bright, sharp images using either the prism or diffraction grating (both supplied with the instrument)2450a

The scale is easy to read with an external divided circle 178mm in diameter and graduated from 0-360 in 30′ increments. The finish is matte silver with black markings that eliminate reading issues with polished scales in dim light. An internal, double-ended vernier is flush against the device and reads to 1′. An illuminated magnifier is included to aid with reading the spectrometer in dim light.

The Spectrometer has a solid base and the overall instrument weighs 15kg.The instrument base spread is 26cn (9.5″) and the height is 26cm (10.2″).

The entire system includes prism, diffraction grating & holder, auto-collimation mirror, power supply, illuminated magnifier and manual.

Want to buy the Intermediate Spectrometer?

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