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Walter Products has offered some excellent low-cost Water Baths that are good for start-up labs, Universities, and High schools. They were not precision instruments but their low prices filled a niche that many institutions found quite useful.

The only trouble is, the design wasn’t exactly inspiring:

Water Bath -3While not critically ugly, the Water Baths were a bit on the bland side. Mind you, this is usually not a major issue for the average lab-user. But on the other hand if you can get a better appearance without any major changes to costs, then why not?

So meet the new Walter Water Baths! 2L, 4L and 8L .

They have a new, improved look and the design results in a smaller footprint (in trade for some vertical height added:


The models are more robust, and have the same temperature specs (Temperature Sensitivity: ≤±1ºC, Temperature Range: 37 to 100ºC, Temperature Volatility: ±0.5ºC) as the old models.  They still continue to have the same low prices (ranging from $269-$369).


Want to buy Water Baths?


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