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Accuris Instruments, a sister company to Benchmark Scientific, has introduced a electrophoresis system known as the MyGel mini which works as a complete Electrophoresis system. All you need is the Agarose (and right now, that is included!)


Operating the MyGel couldn’t be easier. Simply pour in the Gel into the MyGel (two different combs are provided) load it up with your sample and press the start button! It is that easy. No fussing with external power supplies or connecting contacts. The blue part of the myGel both controls and powers the Electrophoresis system. This system is perfect for person use, small lab, or classroom usage.

The Power supply disconnects for cleaning and examination:


When you are ready just snap the power supply into place and you are assured a clean connection every time!

The MyGel includes a vented safety lid that is transparent for examination and the system will not operate if the lid is  open for safety.

The power supply includes 3 preset voltages: 35V, 50V and 100V and a 99 minute timer.

Comparable systems from other manufacturers can cost $600 – $800, but the MyGel sells for just $475. That’s not all, we also offer free shipping on the MyGel and if you order before 10/1/14 you also get a 100g case of Agarose EZ pack tablets (200 x 0.5g tablets). That’s a $145 value!

To purchase the MyGel Mini – click here.

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