What's new here?

As part of our line of Classroom robotics we have carried a selection of fischertechnik’s fine robotic products. Now two more have come into play – 1 an upgrade of a popular kit, the other a new entry. Let’s start with the upgraded kit:

The LT Beginner’s Kit is a beginners package for robotics for kids starting from 8 years old. It contains over 200 components including sensors, actuators, motors and more:


Instructions for 12 different models that employ sensors, motors and more are given. The nature of the pieces allow kids to produce their own projects as well.

So what’s new with this kit? USB Power! The older model required a separate power supply that added to the cost. The new model is powered by a USB cord that requires to such power supply!

The new kits is also for younger kids: The Tractor Set with IR Control


This kit is based around a remote control tractor. It has 540 parts to make multiple design and attachments (including a play figure!). The entire operation is controlled from an IR remote control that involves the motor and servo steering. Fun!

Want to buy other Classroom Robotics Sets?



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