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New Magnetic Toys!

We’ve added a couple of nifty new magnetic toys this week. The first is the Magnetic ‘Sand’ Timer:


It looks like a normal sand timer, but instead of sand it has iron filings. Off the base it will act much like a regular sand timer but the base has a powerful magnet. So when you turn it over on its base the iron filings fall and form nifty sculptures. Each time you turn it over it makes a new sculpture!

The next magnetic toy is very much a novelty, but it still manages to demonstrate magnetic attraction/repulsion in a random manner. Welcome the Decisive Factor Magnetic Mystery!


Swing the pendulum and watch as it bounces, weaves and reverses course before settling on an ‘answer’.  Despite its novelty nature it really shows how motion is affected by magnetic attraction and repulsion.

Both of these toys are just $5.99 (as of this writing)  so they are affordable and loads of fun!

Want to buy other magnetic fun toys?



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