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Artec, that crazy Japanese company that makes great and original science kits has sent a few new products to us. Let’s start with the RC Cube:



Similar in shape to the adorably cute Obstacle Avoiding Robot  the RC Cube is a remote controlled robot kit that includes the remote contr5109aol unit.  Students assemble the robot and learn about motors, electricity and circuit boards. The kit is only $15.99, and great for kids age 8+.

The next kit involves a robot that is a little bit more involved. Students won’t just assemble it and control it, they will learn about its unusual means of propulsion. You see this robot is power by pressure – air pressure or water pressure. Say hello to the Air & Water Pressure Robot Kit:


Using pressure provided by a syringe and either air or water students will construct robots out of Artec Blocks  to make robots like the bending dinosaur:

5090a Or they can build a walking lizard. The guidebook shows how pressure is used to create force and the versatile kit lets kids produce moving robots beyond what is in the manual.  This kit is good for kids age 6+ and is great for anyone learning about hydraulics, pressure or robot systems.

Finally the 3rd Artec kit for today doesn’t have anything to do with Robots, but it has everything to do with the weather.  Students will design a classy device for measuring the temperature as they create their own Galileo Thermometer:


Galileo thermometers work by having the air & liquid in their separate ‘divers’ changing density as the temperature changes the markers rise and fall. Students 5098acalibrate the markers by changing how many colored marbles they put in the diver.  Its a fun and easy way to learn about temperature, density, and how hard it can be to actually make those full size Galileo Thermometers

Want to buy more science toys?





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