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DStar Engines has produced some of the highest quality and widest variety of Stirling Engines to hit the market. From their popular Low-Temperature Stirling Engine, to the unique Stirling Engine Powered Vehicle. Now two new varieties of Stirling Engine are available.

The first is the Magnetic Ringbom Stirling Engine.


What separates this model from other Stirling Engines is that it does not have a mechanical shaft to operate the piston. There is no mechanical shaft. Instead the piston is held by a magnet that it detaches from when the expanding gas exerts enough pressure. once the gas cools and contracts the magnet once again draws the piston back into its original position and the cycle starts over again.  The RingBom works like DStar’s other Low Temperature models – able to run off a hot cup of coffee or a bowl of ice. No flames needed.

Naturally, we made a video and as part of it we shot a close-up of the piston. You can see the lack of a shaft holding it in place!

The next entry is exactly a Stirling Engine, strictly speaking, but it does work on heat in the same manner.  Meet the DStar Vacuum Engine, or by its cooler name the  Flame Licker Engine


The Vacuum/Flame Licker Engine, like most basic Stirling Engines does require the heat of a flame to operate.  It looks like a Steampunk apparatus and although the principle predates the Victorian era by some time it is still a thermo-mechanical wonder. The vacuum engine has a partial vacuum on one side of the chamber which pulls the piston. On one part of the cycle the chamber is open and the expanding gas pushes the piston…, oh the heck with explanations here is a video graphic of the process:

These models are welcome additions to the collection of Stirling Engines we already sell. Be sure to complete your collection today!

Want to see more Stirling Engines?






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