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We continue with more of the great, low-cost products from Artec. First up is the Make your own Litmus Paper

5082With this kit, kids will use the colorful reactions of acids and bases on litmus paper to learn about the pH scale. You can even draw with the colorful reactive litmus papers you make. 5082a Its a great intro in the world of chemistry and fun for kids as yougn as 6 years old.

Next up is the Electrolysis in Color kit.

5083Electrolysis is where electricity is used to break up water into its component Hydrogen and Oxygen ions. Normally this is a process that just has some bubbles in water but with this kit you can5083a see the process due to the acidity and alkalinity of hydrogen & hydroxide ions it reacts with an indicator you put in the gel and makes the reaction visible and colorful!

5084Switching from Chemistry we go into the world of astronomy and time-keeping with the World Time Sundial.  For  less than $10, kids can build and align a sundial that will let them not only tell the time, but determine the time around the whole world!5084a

Going into the world of electricity we have Artec’s Conductivity Tester

5087With this kit kids learn about how current electricity flows. With a battery lead and a resistant strip kids will touch the strip at different points and get different tones on a speaker. This happens due to the increase in resistance and electrical flow. Kids can also form a ‘human circuit’ by joining hands to make the 5087aelectricity flow over their bodies and make the speaker sing!

More kits will come soon! Stay tuned.

Want to buy science toys and kits at Spectrum Scientifics?


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