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Artec is a Japanese-based company that has been trying to break into the US market for a few years. We’ve seen their stuff for a while and were impressed, but at first there were too many issue with the products for us to carry them. Things have improved steadily and now we think their great science kits are ready for our audience. We added a whole lot of these kits, and they are low-cost and fun. Some of them still may have a bit too much ‘anime’ on the box art & instructions but it is still good stuff. Here’s a few of them to start:

5070Bacteria Farm allows students to cultivate 12 different kinds of bacteria.  They will actually make their own5070a cultivating broth and a 12 chamber cultivation plate to grow bacteria from soil, household liquids, and much more.  Parental help will be needed to grow the brother (water needs to be boiled) but this quite is a great introduction to the world of bacteria.


Next up is Artec’s Pumping Heart Model 5075.

This model will actually show students how blood moves through the human heart. The model is a flat 5075arepresentation with liquid that moves through the heart’s chambers and the students ‘pump’ the heart with finger buttons. You can even put the included stethoscope up to the model and hear the pumping!


Next is a kit that really impressed us: The Mini Centrifuge 5076

Centrifuges can costs hundreds of dollars, but this is a simple battery powered model that sells for less than $15. It is not suitable for lab work but for showing how to separate ingredients such as those in a salad 5076adressing or orange juice.  This is great little product for budding young scientists and it will be used well past the suggested experiments in the instruction manual.

5081Finally (for today) we have Slime Power, not only do kids make their own cool slime, but they also use it as a power source! They actually make a Slime battery! 科学シリーズBOX_EThe kit’s parts can also be used to make a fruit-powered battery as well. Neat!


There will be more from Artec…

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