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Transforming Robot Kits

You just can’t be a single-purpose robot these days. OK, well actually you can, but all the cool robots have more than one shape. Blame Transformers. But in any case we’ve got a pair of new robots that have multiple shapes. Let’s start with the first one: The EM4 Robot

The EM4 has four different forms: The one known as ‘Grandpa’, a bobble-headed gear-driven family member robot:


Or the Trailer, the little engine that could move forward thanks to its motorized transmission


Cricket: who is fun on six legs


And beast: A bipedal moving robot!


Next up is the environmentally friendly solar powered T4 Transforming Robot. Like the EM4 it has 4 different modes. We start with a classic robot with walking legs and wheels:


Insecta, with 6 legs and moving jaws:


The Drill Vehcile- similar to a miner’s driller/drilling bit and moving wheels


And T-rex with  2walking legs and moving jaw.


Transforming from one mode to another is easy to do, and the best part is that all the robot modes are solar powered. – no batteries are required!

Want to buy the EM4 Robot?

Want to buy the T4 Transforming Robot?

Want to check out other Robots at Spectrum Scientifics?


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