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Accuris Instruments is a new company – mind you it is actually a division of Benchmark Instruments but it is entering the market with a bang – new measuring instruments will be introduced over the next month. First up from from them is the Aspire Laboratory Aspirator:


Aspirators are essentially highly controlled vacuums that allow you to remove precision amounts of liquid from pippetes and other containers.  It can do this individually do eight at a time with the optional 8 channel pippette:


The Aspire comes standard with excellent features, such as a hand-controlled vacuum pipette, silicon tubing, an antibacterial/hydrophobic filter, 2 pipette adapters, and a 2 Liter polycarbonate collection bottle. A vacuum gauge, vacuum level control, and overflow/level detector are also standard features of the Aspire.

A most frequent accessory to Laboratory Aspirators is a quick disconnect kit, which is a available and affordable.

The Aspire retails (as of 4/14) at just $795, with the quick disconnect kit the price is $910. This price beats competing models by hundreds of dollars, and is some cases over $1,000. Those versions do not even have all the features that the Aspire comes standard.

The Aspire is Accuris first offering and it is a doozy! We look forward to other great products to come from this company.

Want to by the Aspire Laboratory Aspirator

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