What's new here?

A few new products came into the store today. Let’s have a look.

First we have the Rebound Action Game ,a classic old-school game involving bouncing balls just right:


The concept is simple: Each plater gets a set of rolling balls (steel bearing balls with plastic rings. They take turns rolling the balls so they bounce off to rubber band bumpers at the end of the track. If they get the angle and speed just right the ball will stop on the target and they score points! The game involves a bit of strategy as you can actually knock your opponent’s pieces off the scoring zone! First player to get 500 points wins!

Next up is the Cartesian Diver:

Diving Sub7

This little science kit teaches kids about pressure and the compressibility of fluids. Assemble the Cartesian Diver using the dropper, copper washers, and weights. Then place it in a plastic bottle completely filled with water (you provide the bottle). Adjust the weight so that the diver juuuust barely 5128afloats at the top of the bottle. Then squeeze the bottle and watch the Cartesian Diver race to the bottom!

The secret is in the incompressibility of fluids. When you squeeze the bottle the water doesn’t compress, but it can transfer the pressure to the air in the Cartesian Diver. This makes the diver heavier due to the air being more dense. Down it goes!

Finally a more nature based based toy rounds out these new items: The Bird Feeder with Backyard guide.


This birdfeed is designed for the beginning birdwatcher. The plastic feeder stands 13″ and is easy to hang on any branch or hook. Included with the birdfeeder are 20 bird ID cards designed for common backyard birds.

5129aThe ID cards have colorful bird images, along with facts about birds such as habits, location, etc.

Want to buy more awesome science toys? Take a look!


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