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We’ve recently added some glass paperweights to our product line. These are impressive pieces of handmade glass that are made by the long-lived glassware company Dynasty Gallery based out of San Fransisco. We’ve added two lines of their fine products. In this blog entry we will cover the astronomy glass art paperweights.

First up is the Solar System Crystal Sphere


This handmade glass sphere is 3″ in diameter and solid glass. Inside the sphere are the 8 major planets with little dots representing the major moons. Each planet has its orbit marked and differs in color. Saturn even has its rings! A great bit of celestial artwork for the astronomer in your life. The sphere includes a base and comes in a satin-lined gift box.

For a smaller paperweight we have the Dome version of the Solar System Crystal:


This half-sphere (dome) requires no base but has the same size and planetary detail as the the sphere. Like the sphere it comes in a satin-lined gift box with cleaning/storage bag.

Moving onto the individual planets we have the handmade glass Earth paperweight.


This is an impressive 4″ solid glass globe made in multiple colorful layers. If that wasn’t enough, did we mention that it glows in the dark?


In addition to the Earth, there are two other planet paperweight models in this line-up. First is the Moon Handmade glass paperweight


Like the Earth paperweight model it glows in the dark:


Finally we have the Handmade glass glow-in-the-dark Saturn paperweight. It even has the rings!


and, of course, like the individual planet paperweights, it glows in the dark!



As mentioned, all these models are handmade by expert glassmakers. They make great gifts for astronomers or anyone who wants a fancy way to hold down paper!

Looking for other gift ideas?




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