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Centrifuging is one of the more important activities in a lab. Separating solutions and precipitates is critical for many functions in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology. But most centrifuges are designed to hold specially made centrifuge tubes or glass flasks & test tubes. But sometimes a small laboratory needs to centrifuge a microplate (a plate with multiple wells in a rectangular matrix) rather than in individual tubes. The question is how to centrifuge such plates? Some centrifuges have adapters for microplates but these are a bit clunky and awkward.

Benchmark now introduces the Platefuge, the first microcentrifuge with a swing-out rotor for handling microplates.


Able to handle all popular PCR plates, the Platefuge has a unique swing-out rotor (patent pending) that can handle 2 plates at a time.


When at rest the plates sit at a 75 degree angle so that the plates can be placed without fear of opening or other disasters. Once the Platefuge gets up to speed the plates move  to a fully horizontal position.

The Platefuge spins at a fixed 2100 rpm/440xg. It spins up quickly and spins down upon opening the lid in just 7 seconds. The entire unit has a footprint of 9″ x 10″. The unit can be run off 230V or 115v (contact us for the correct plug options for use outside the USA).

As with most Benchmark products the Platefuge has free shipping in the continental US. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and locations outside the USA should contact us for a shipping quote.

Want to buy the Platefuge?

Looking for other centrifuges?


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