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Little Boxes of Geology Fun

Spectrum Scientifics has been an excellent source of rocks, minerals and fossils since we first opened. We always love adding new items to our geology offerings. Recently we added a few new items that are fun, attractive, and come in their own little gift box!

First up is a quartz crystal cluster


Since these are quartz crystals there will be a lot of variation:


The crystal clusters average about 2-1/2″ on their long side.  They come in a white gift box with an descriptive card.

The next product is beautiful, which is interesting because in a way it is actually a form of industrial waste. We are talking about Silicon Carbide


This colorful chunk is used in a lot of industrial products, mostly abrasives (sandpaper) in clumps like this is takes on an beautiful multi-colored hue. Don’t be afraid of it being considered ‘waste’ it is perfectly harmless. although you probably should not eat it (or any rock for that matter).

The Silicon Carbide pieces measure 2″ long minimum on their long side and many are larger than that.  They come in the nice little gift box  with foam to protect it (the pieces can be a little fragile).

Finally we have the last gift box geology offering: Trilobite fossils:


These trilobite fossils are from segmented orthopods from 300 million years ago. The fossils are small (3/4″-1″ on average) and in a matrix. Some fossils will be partials, some complete.

Be sure to check out our other offerings of fossils, quartz crystals, and other rocks and minerals!


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